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Plant Pictures - Autumn

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I change the pictures and caption at the top of the home page every month - they're mostly taken in my garden or near where I live. Here's an archive of those pictures. They're all taken by myself with digital cameras - various types.

Plants pictures to buy

Autumn - Prunus amanogawa leaves - on my scanner, a good alternative way of "photographing" suitable subjects. These are in increasing degrees of autumn-ness. The colours are the result of the tree taking out the pigments to store the goodies for next year. As they are taken out, the next most prominent are "unmasked" in order from green to yellow to red. Prunus to buy

Autumn - A quick shower - I like the way that the weather can change quickly when the seasons are changing, so spring and autumn are especially interesting being the change-over times between relatively stable summer and winter. This is a brief shaft of sunlight during a shower at the end of the day, low sun-angle and dramatic skies combine with autumnal tints.

Autumn - Maple leaves in autumn-1 on the scanner with a bit of Photoshopping to get a black background

Autumn - Maple leaves in autumn-2
on the scanner with a bit of Photoshopping to get a black background

Autumn - Boston Ivy - Parthenocissus tricuspidata-1

A vigorous climber that clings by tendrils and so needs something to hang onto. These leaves have just had the first touch of a very cold night causing them to start changing from bright green through yellow to red.
Boston Ivy to buy

Autumn - Boston Ivy - Parthenocissus tricuspidata-2

This plant will thrive in sun or shade and is very accommodating in this respect being useful to cover something unsightly, though being deciduous, only for part of the year! The leaves are redder and stay on the plants in this colouring for longer the more sun they get.
Boston Ivy to buy

- Rudbeckia hirta - Black-eyed Susan, a mid to late summer flowering perennial that introduces a bright sunny note to any garden. A native of the American prairies loves the sun and tolerates dry conditions. The daisy-like flowers of the family Compositae are long lasting, individual blooms can keep going for several weeks.
Rudbeckia to buy

- Iris foetidissima ripe seed pods. "Stinking Gladwyn" is the other name by which this iris goes. The flowers are fairly small and insignificant, but it is later in the season that this plant excels, when the large seed pods split open to reveal these jewel-like contents. It's also one of the few plants that actually does pretty well in dry shade.

Autumn - England's Heart of Oak - There was a time not too long ago when it was virtually possible to go from one side of England to the other without hardly having to touch the ground or come down from such magnificent specimens. Three planted where one could grow here, the foliage is similar to what one tree will produce, but you get three trunks (skinnier) instead of one. Works with many tree species.

Autumn - Maple leaves - Maples are amongst the best performing of autumnal colour specialists. For the best results a good hot summer to stuff the leaves with sugars and pigments followed by an autumn with bright days and cold nights is required. Britain is too temperate to fulfil these requirements reliably or frequently. For that you need to go to New England.

Autumn - Maple leaves turning yellow in the autumn sunshine. A little fore-thought at planting time as to where the sun comes from and where you will see your plants can pay spectacular dividends. The low autumnal sun later in the day can create some truly beautiful effects in the garden.

- A heavy crop - fruit trees that haven't been pruned correctly for some years may well need their branches propping up to avoid the weight of the fruit from breaking the wood, so damaging the tree and allowing disease to take hold. Apple trees to buy

Plants pictures to buy

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