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Garden structures being those things which we can plan, think about and with the application of time, skill and effort end up with a result that enables us to brag to friends and family, or at least stand back and think "I did that".

  Cost Time required Skill needed   +++++  max 5 Grunting needed +++++  max 5
Pergola arch / trellis screen £150-£250 assuming 4-5 uprights, with inclusive trellis panels. 4-5 hours. 3+++ 
Cementing posts in place vertically, care in keeping timbers square.
Digging holes approx. 30cm square by 60 cm deep. Timbers heavy to carry.
Deck £300 - £1 000 and beyond.

DIY cost for 3m x 3.6m ground level hardwood deck approx. £500

2-3 days plus 4++++
Lining up several posts cemented into ground. Squaring timbers and laying decking boards to give professional finish with fixings and sawn edges.
8-9 holes +, 30cm square by 30-60cm deep. Timbers heavy to carry, maneuver and cut, even with power tools.
Patio £350-£1 000 and beyond

DIY cost for 3m x 3m patio in mid-range quality slab approx. £500
patio slabs

2-3 days plus 5+++++
Leveling large area within good  tolerance.  All slabs laid square and level with correct drainage slope. Edges smooth and slabs stable.
Much heavy digging out and leveling of area. Moving of tonnes of soil, sand, hardcore and slabs. Larger slabs in particular difficult to handle
  Cost Time Skill +++++  max 5 Grunting+++++  max 5
Stepping stones in lawn £2 - £10 each 15 - 30 mins each 2++
Leveling slab flush with grass on base of sand / mortar
Depends on number. dig out 7-10cm soil depth for each slab
Raised beds £150-£200 for 16ft x 8ft bed using railway sleepers 1 day 1+ 4++++
Railway sleepers are very heavy. Also tonnes of soil to be moved
Water feature (basic self-contained feature) £50 upwards (this for cheapest self-contained feature placed close to house) Half a day or less. 1+ 2++
digging out of soil to keep feature at ground level
Planted gravel area £200 for approx. 3m diameter circle including feature boulders. Half to one day 1+
Care important rather than skill
(4++++ if turf removed)

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