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Toscana Boots
Sheepskin Boots

Sheepskin boots made in Cornwall England
 - in Association with Celtic Sheepskin

Ugg style boots in genuine luxurious sheepskin are a real treat for your feet that you just won't want to take off!

A fashion statement and a trend that keeps on rolling, this boot style are as must-have this year as they ever have been. Celt boots are available in 18 colours - and three different heights.

Sheepskin boots are meant to be worn barefoot, the natural sheepskin fleece wicks moisture away that can breathe through the suede outer. These boots keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. The natural fleece insole also conforms to your foot shape and will create a natural support for your arch.


Aqualamb Boots CalfCelt boots are all machine washable and are available from size 5 child to adult's size 14. There's even a resoling service for when they eventually wear out.

Most of these sheepskin footwear products can be machine or hand cool-washed in a gentle non-biological detergent. (Toscana boots should be sponged or dry-cleaned only)

The Celt boots are a similar article to Ugg Classics with a 100% sheepskin inner and a lightweight flexible EVA (rubber) sole which has a rugged tread and acts as a natural shock absorber.

The Classic boots are similar with a simple smooth design and EVA sole that is colour-matched to the uppers.

Aqualamb boots are treated with a weatherproofing finish for greater water-resistance.

These boots ship from England Worldwide - non EU orders exclude VAT at 20% (they're cheaper!)

Note these are "Ugg-Style" boots made in Cornwall England and are not "Ugg Australia" products

Celt boots
Real sheepskin, 17 colours Unisex
11 1/2" shaft height £130
8 1/2" shaft height £120
6" height £60 - £80
Knee length sheepskin

17" shaft height, black, light brown (shown) dark brown or black. £170
Toscana Boots - Calf length

finest quality sheepskin 11 1/2" shaft height, mocca only £170
Price: £115.00 including VAT or US$212.06 excluding VAT
Aqualamb sheepskin boots

regular 8 1/2" height
calf 11 1/2" height
one colour.
£145 to £165
Celtic Shortie Boots

Soft leather binding at top of boot, Ankle Height (5½"), four colours.

Classic boot

8 1/2" regular or 11 1/2" calf height, 7 colours £130 / £140
Biker Boots

Cosy, luxurious and stylish, decorative biker boots feature a cuddly exposed wool cuff and side seam. £160

House boots

regular 8 1/2" height
calf 11 1/2" height
Rugged "super slipper" for indoors and occasional trips out
£120 and £130
Cabra Boots
Cabra Boots

Luxurious Moccaasheepskin boots with a soft two-tone Goat hide cuff.sheepskin boots with a soft two-tone Goat hide cuff. £170
Button Boots 
Button Boots
Subtly distressed black sheepskin of these boots contrasts with the lovely snow-tipped wool that rolls over at the front. Short or taller with one or two buttons respectively.
 £145 or £170

"Popper boots"

calf or knee length

adjust using side poppers. 3 colours
£160 or £185
Kids £65 to £85
Price: £95.00 including VAT or US$149.09 excluding VAT
"Rustic" boots sheepskin

10 1/2" high with "spilled" fur. Light, dark or mid brown (shown). £130
knee length sheepskin boots

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

    I received my boots yesterday by post...only 6 days shipping, all the way to Japan! I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my calf length boots.

    I am thrilled with my boots. They are so soft, it's like sinking into a feather bed when you slip your feet into them. I can't wait for the cold weather to come!

    Just had to let you know, my son wore your boots on a school trip to Russia. His feet remained warm and comfy throughout despite temperatures of Minus 23 degrees Centigrade.

    Many thanks - received today... now have warm feet again. We've just moved into an old farmhouse with stone floors - no heating in place yet! You've saved the day........

- Celtic Sheepskin customers

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