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Plant Pictures - Winter

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I change the pictures and caption at the top of the home page every month - they're mostly taken in my garden or near where I live. Here's an archive of those pictures. They're all taken by myself.

Plants pictures to buy

- Teasel - Dipsacus sylvestris - seed heads against a winter sunset. St.Ives (Cambridgeshire) church spire can be just made out at the bottom right. Many plants produce seed heads that if left, can add interest and structure to the garden in winter, they look particularly good with frost on them.
Teasel to buy

Winter - Holly leaves - Ilex aquifolium
This is a male plant that is now up to about 5m and looking good too thanks to my careful pruning to get a large elegant conical shape. The frustrating thing is that my nearby female plants keep getting "rabbited", chicken wire hopefully means that they will shortly (in years!) be equally impressive, so future pics will have nice red berries in them too. Ilex to buy

Winter - Great Paxton Church Yard, Cambridgeshire - Where I live now. Also shows English Yews in their natural setting (an old church yard!). These are about 20 feet tall and round and have been topiaried forever, don't know how old they are.

Winter - Colne Church, Cambridgeshire - Where I used to live, the closest to Christmas Card conditions we got that year.

Winter - Frost
A gentle air movement starts off ice crystal growth and then it carries on in that direction. "God is in the detail."

Winter - Trees clad in winter white
I love frosty trees, every tiny branch and twig is amplified by an outline of white. The closer you get, the more you appreciate the fractal nature of the outline. I never understand how the white of the frost always seems brighter than the sky even though you know that it really isn't.

Winter - A world of white
An ethereal world made so by the application of water vapour in the air and a few degrees change in temperature, isn't it great that the world can change so fundamentally so easily?

- Returning to the soil - The remains of an old tree stump covered in tiny fungal fruiting bodies. The main body of the fungus is under the soil rotting the wood down, the mushrooms only appear to spread the spores of the fungus. It's all part of natures diversity, but if you want to avoid this, you need to remove as much wood as possible - including major roots - when you chop down and remove old trees.

Plants pictures to buy

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