Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawn mowers are cleaner, usually cheaper to purchase than the equivalent petrol-powered version, are lighter and can be more convenient.

Blade Size Guide:
up to 250m² 30-35cm (12-14in)
250 - 500m² 35 - 45cm (14-18in)
Over 500m² over 45cm (18in)

Their main disadvantage comes from the trailing flex which can get tangled around plant / containers etc. and poses a hazard in its own right if cut by the mower. Electric mowers should always be used with an RCD and should not be used on wet  Grass. They are also limited in their power and are rarely available over 1500W, if you require a larger, more powerful machine, then a petrol mower is a better choice.

Electric mowers are best suited to smaller, more compact garden as then the flex does not need to be so long, they are also less likely to overheat than if used over an extensive area. If your lawn is larger than about 140 square meters or has some areas that are quite a distance from the nearest power source, then you ought to consider a petrol version as the amount of cable starts to get unwieldy.

Bosch Rotak 32 R 1200W 32cm Electric Rotary Lawn Mower 240V
£ 99.99

Bosch Rotak 37 Ergoflex 1400W 37cm Electric Rotary Lawn Mower 230V
£ 149.99

Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex 1700W 40cm Electric Rotary Lawn Mower 230V
£ 169.99

Bosch Rotak 43 Ergoflex 1800W 43cm Electric Corded Rotary Lawn Mower 230V
£ 199.99

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